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Welcome to Zion Freedom Fellowship Church’s recorded Message Library! Here you can listen to previous messages of Pastor Robb Goodman, Guest Speakers and others. Audio can be easily streamed to your PC or phone.

Due to the one going Covid 19 situation, we have been recording
Pastor Robb’s messages via youtube, you may view them by clicking here.

(10-14-2018) Pastor Robert Goodman

(10-7-2018) Elder Bill Finch

(9-23-2018) Pastor Robert Goodman

(9-2-2018) Pastor Robert Goodman

Message Archives

Click here to access Zion Freedom Fellowship Church Message Archive. Please note that audio streaming may or may not be supported for your device/computer and browser with this archive and that you may need to download the audio file in order to listen to it. Note that some of these files can be large and that the other messages hosted on the library will be streamable from your device without having to download.

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